Our Story

Giftreeng’s journey began with a simple realization – the desire to bridge the gap between people’s love for plants and their concerns about plant parenting. We started off as a humble business, selling traditional pots and plants to plant enthusiasts. However, we soon discovered that many individuals wanted to keep plants but were hesitant due to their lack of knowledge and fear of not being able to provide proper care.

Having identified this gap in the market, our founder, Aman Birendra Jaiswal, fueled by his passion for technology and love for plants, embarked on a mission to bridge this knowledge and confidence gap. With a background in mechanical engineering and a wealth of knowledge in IoT, sensors, and technology, Aman envisioned a revolutionary solution – a smart pot that could provide personalized care to plants.

To bring this idea to life, he sought the expertise of his friend, Kanchan Kanti Pal, a seasoned professional in IoT and embedded systems. Together, Aman and Kanchan embarked on a journey to create something truly unique and groundbreaking. Their shared vision and relentless dedication led to the birth of Giftreeng’s flagship product – the Giftreeng Intelligent Assistant (GIA).

With Aman’s technical prowess and Kanchan’s expertise in IoT, GIA became the embodiment of cutting-edge technology and plant care. Equipped with an array of sensors, GIA monitors crucial factors such as soil moisture, temperature, and light intensity to ensure optimal growing conditions for plants. Its advanced algorithms analyze the data and provide real-time insights, allowing users to track their plant’s health and receive personalized care recommendations.

But GIA is more than just a smart pot. It fosters a deeper connection between individuals and their plants through its expressive facial animations and voice interaction. GIA’s animated face reflects the plant’s needs and emotions, creating a unique and engaging plant parenting experience. With its ability to communicate and respond to users, GIA brings a touch of companionship, making plant care a joyful and interactive journey.

Driven by their passion for innovation and their deep understanding of the challenges faced by plant enthusiasts, Aman and Kanchan assembled a team of dedicated individuals who shared their vision. Rishabh Birendra Jaiswal, an accomplished professional with 14 years of experience in highway automation, joined as our CFO, ensuring sound financial management for our venture. Additionally, Shivangi, a biotechnology engineer with an innate understanding of plants, became an integral part of our team, providing invaluable insights into plant biology and care.

Today, Giftreeng stands at the forefront of innovation, offering the extraordinary GIA – our smart pot that not only nurtures plants but also creates a pet-like bond between humans and nature. Our commitment to technological excellence, combined with our love for plants, drives us to continually enhance our products and provide a seamless plant parenting experience.