The Lucky-Charm | Lucky Bamboo plant

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Lucky Bamboo  is a really delightful addition to your home or office decor and is very favoured in India. It is a flowering plant native to Central Africa. This majestic perennial plant  is associated with the Feng Shui tradition. The thin, bamboo-like stems have different meanings depending on how many you have. Two lines of  love,  three lines of happiness, and ten lines of perfection. Lucky bamboo stems are fleshy. But plants aren’t just about  stems that can be twisted or formed into patterns. Also, the leaves  are often slightly curled and have light grey-green flowers. These are very unpretentious plants that will last for a long time even with poor care.


Other Names: Other common names for the lucky bamboo plant include ribbon plant, climbing bamboo, feng shui bamboo, ribbon dracaena, goddess of mercy plant, sanderiana dracaena.

Planting environment: Lucky bamboos will generally do well indoors, peculiarly as table top moss ball plants.  

Sunlight: The plants prefer little light to stay cheerful and bright.  

Watering: Water the bamboo plant twice a week. 

Misting: Mist the lucky bamboo plant frequently.  

Fertilizations: Feed the plant with very little quantity of diluted liquid fertilizer once a month. Lucky Bamboo can be vulnerable to overeating.

Temperature: Keep your lucky bamboo warm between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not place it near heating appliances.

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2 reviews for The Lucky-Charm | Lucky Bamboo plant

  1. Puneet

    Great for gifting

  2. Sakshi Gangwar

    I’m very happy to get this beautiful plant as a gift💕

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Dracaena plantThe Lucky-Charm | Lucky Bamboo plant
Original price was: ₹399.00.Current price is: ₹299.00.